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About Us

At Designed Groundwater Services, our experience in the Northwest allows us to provide the fastest and most efficient  installation methods for all types of Dewatering Wells. Proper development of each Dewatering Well will produce the maximum gallons per minute in turn decreasing the amount of time required for a dewatered area.
This advantage alone has saved countless Contractors thousands of dollars in potential schedule delays.

If you are thinking about hiring DGS, the difference is in the design. We have a Licensed PE, LGH review each system and stamp them if required. Our intention in pre-design, is to provide a Dewatering System our customers can rely upon prior to the bids being submitted, upon award our design will then
be submitted in the form of a Stamped Dewatering Plan to assure a working Dewatering System  that will meet the Owner's, Designer's, and Engineer's specifications.

Please contact us for further information as we strive to meet your requirements. Then visit the projects that we have recently completed and see for yourself what projects have been successfully dewatered by DGS for many satisfied Contractors.

"Gary and his crew (DGS) are very knowledgeable in the scope of dewatering. They do the necessary investigation beforehand to figure out the most economical way to get the groundwater to drop, so that we can do our work. DGS staff is friendly and always very pleasurable to work alongside. I will continue to use and endorse them for years to come." - Eric Jury, Estimator at SCE Inc.

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