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Designed Groundwater Services, LLC (DGS) is a full service Dewatering Sub-Contractor. Our focus is dedicated to Dewatering, and we have built a reputation unique unto itself in the Northwest. We are known by many Civil Contractors in the Northwest as the best performing and most reliable Dewatering Sub-Contractor. We earned this recognition by proving to our clients that our Dewatering Systems perform as designed. For new clients and return clients DGS provides Designed Dewatering Systems exceeding their expectations. We strive to implement the most efficient and cost effective solutions to even the most complex Dewatering issues.

The Hallmark of our work is Well Point Dewatering, DGS is dedicated to providing the latest in proven Vacuum Well Point Dewatering Pumps, using only Thompson Rotary and Piston Pumps. The Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co. Inc. produces the most fuel efficient Dewatering Pumps available versus gallons per minute of groundwater pumped.  This is consistently a huge cost savings for our clients.

For larger  Deep Wells we use varying size Flyght Submersible Pumps. These pumps have a proven track record for reliability and economy.

We have also completed many projects requiring Recharge Wells. These wells enable us to pump the groundwater back into the aquifer as a cost saving alternative to water treatment or costly discharge permits.  Other applications of Recharge Wells are for remediation of contaminates and to recharge aquifers for ground stabilization near existing structures, like the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  (see pictures)

"Gary and his crew (DGS) are very knowledgeable in the scope of dewatering. They do the necessary investigation beforehand to figure out the most economical way to get the groundwater to drop, so that we can do our work. DGS staff is friendly and always very pleasurable to work alongside. I will continue to use and endorse them for years to come." - Eric Jury, Estimator at SCE Inc.

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